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BULAQUA Standart LTD is a company that performs annual quality control of construction products by physical tests in accredited laboratories and by proving their conformity with the product standards.

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BULAQUA Standart

BULAQUA Standart is accredited and authorized by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works (MRDPW) as a Certification Body for Construction Products (CBCP), subsidiary of the Bulgarian Water Association (BWA). The company is created with a sole purpose to limit the usage of poor quality products in the implementation of major Water supply and Sewerage (WS&S) infrastructure projects in Bulgaria, in order to guarantee their service life reliability and therefore to reduce the future pipe networks failures.


BULAQUA Standart has a competent management, expert and administration personnel, who has sufficient knowledge, skills and expertise in conformity assessment of construction products according to the national and international standards, as well as engineers with experience in designing and implementing major infrastructure projects and in operating water supply and sewerage networks.

Accreditation from BAS

BULAQUA Standart Ltd. has Accreditation Certificate from the Executive Agency Bulgarian Accreditation Service (EA BAS) with registration № 7 ОСП/ 13.10.2022 according to the requirements of European standard BDS EN ISO/IEC 17065:2012 “Conformity assessment – Requirements for bodies certifying products, processes and services” for conducting voluntary certification with “Quality Mark of BWA”.

Permit for Conformity Assessment Body

BULAQUA Standart Ltd. is evaluated by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works (MRDPW) with issued Permit for Conformity Assessment Body № РОССП 23 from 17.01.2020 in accordance with the national requirements defined in Ordinance № РД-02-20-1 from 2015 on the conditions and order for the use of construction products in the construction works of the Republic of Bulgaria.

History of BULAQUA Standart

BULAQUA Standart is the successor of the Bulgarian Water Association’s initiative “Quality Mark of BWA”, which dates from 2013. The experience gained throughout the years is over 450 complete testing of various water supply and sewerage materials, including all types of plastic pipes (РЕ- polyethylene, РР- polypropylene, GRP- glass reinforced plastic), vitrified clay pipes, ductile iron pipes as well as polymer inspection chambers (PE, PP) of foreign and Bulgarian producers. Based on received signals and in partnership with stakeholders, like construction companies, WS&S Utilities and Municipalities, and throughout the gained trust of our experts evaluation, countless tests were conducted during the last years.

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Have trust in our specialists, whose principles are clients’ equality, openness, unified approach in fulfilling tasks and increasing the added value of the voluntary certification with “Quality Mark of BWA” as well as of the mandatory certification according to procedures approved by the Bulgarian Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works.

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