1. You can submit your Application after an Inquiry. The respective document consists of the following information: 


  • Fill in your organization – producer/ trade representative – name, address, legal status, etc.
  • Choose a certification scheme – certification of conformity for construction products according to the national requirements, stated by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works – scheme В
  • State the scope of certification – the construction product/ products and their application (order of the Minister, name, standard, nominal dimensions, working pressure, ring stiffness, coating, specific characteristics)
  • Sign a Declaration for the truthfulness of the presented data
  • Fill in information for the technical processes/ activities in the production, as well as human and technical resources
  • You can also send us a quality certificate for ISO 9001 (if available) and in addition any other certificates/ permissions/ etc.

2. Review of your Application and signing the Certification Contract


  • We check the Application for all the necessary information, along with the attached documents
  • A feedback is given through phone or e-mail for any additional information (if necessary)
  • We will send you a Price offer
  • Final stage – Certification contract, after its conclusion start the conformity assessment stages

Period: 5-10 working days.

3. Audit and assessment


  • We assign an audit team of experts in the field (auditors/ technical experts)
  • We plan and coordinate with you the initial audit in your production site

Period: 40 working days.

  • An audit on-site is conducted, as well as marking of product samples for testing from the requested scope of certification, for type testing of the product
  • Based on approved working procedures from the Minister of the regional Development and Public works are carried out tests in accredited laboratories (our external subcontractors)
  • We will prepare and provide you with audit and test reports

Period: 50 working days.

4. Decision for certification


  • Review of all your files and records
  • The decision for certification is issued by the Director of the Conformity Assessment Body

Period: 55 working days after the audit on-site.

5. Issuing the Certificate


  • After Director’s decision
  • In the Certificate are described the conformity assessment standards, along with the certified product groups/ types
  • We present you with an original Certificate both in Bulgarian, and in English
  • It will be sent to you in a period of 10 working days

Period: 2-4 months after starting the certification procedure.

6. Surveillance


  • We perform it according to an approved program – once a a year
  • Documentary evaluation of the production control
  • Control tests of product samples in accredited laboratories
  • Reports, evaluation, decision
  • Annual confirmation of the Certificate of Conformity

Period: 3 years after granting the certificate.