List of products certified with “Quality Mark of BWA” or are in the process of certification

Please have in mind that the Tables shown below are only informative and you can contact us for up-to-date information due to the frequent changes in the certification status of the different construction products. You can reach us via the “Contacts” section.

1. Vitrified-clay pipe systems for drains and sewers, produced by Steinzeug Keramo N.V.

MaterialJoint systemClassStatusCertificates
1.PipeDN < 200 mm Vitrified Clay System FNormal strengthValidCertificate
2.Pipe200 ≤ DN < 600 mmVitrified Clay System CNormal strengthValidCertificate
3.Pipe600 ≤ DNVitrified Clay System CNormal strengthValidCertificate

According to standards BDS EN 295-1:2013 and BDS EN 295-2:2013