What does it represent?

The voluntary certification procedure with “Quality Mark of BWA”, performed by BULAQUA Standart Ltd. is accredited as a certification scheme by the Executive Agency Bulgarian Accreditation Service (EA BAS). By the European Accreditation Organisation Multilateral Agreement (EA MLA) for results recognition and acceptance, the company has the opportunity to conduct certification on European level. Basically the voluntary certification represents a third independent party evaluation of the produced products quality and conformity with the approved international standards:

  • more frequent testing
  • higher requirements than the part of standards “Conformity assessment”
  • higher quality security
  • accepted document in Europe

Proven through our expertise, experience and a wide range of knowledge in product certification, the manufacturer has a reason to declare to constructing companies and project Principals its approved production control.

This good practice is established at an international level, mainly in Western European countries, where the used procedures and methodology are inspired by large organizations such as KIWA, AENOR, GRIS, OVGW, DVGW. Our voluntary certification procedures are created and implemented on their basis. At European level, there is an increasing emphasis on the independent control of materials used in construction and infrastructure projects to ensure their long service life.

Our sole purpose is to create higher level of security in each stakeholder of the Bulgarian market, thanks to:

  • Long-term experience experts in the field
  • Constant physical check of the materials, without warning! 
  • Tests in independent accredited laboratories

For this reason, common and working procedures for voluntary certification are created on the basis of an approved Scheme “5” for certification of products according to the standard BDS EN ISO/IEC 17067:2013 “Conformity assessment – Fundamentals of product certification and guidelines for product certification schemes”, as well as of the standard BDS EN ISO 17065:2012 “Conformity assessment – Requirements for bodies certifying products, processes and services”. Proving our expertise in accordance with European regulations and standards, we guarantee the provided specialized assessment and quality certificate.